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Van Insurance

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Today, it’s practically impossible to do business without reliable means of transport. Most startups rely on rented transportation, but often change when the cost of shipping takes a chunk of the running costs. The vehicle model depends on the nature of the business, the market coverage as well as the kind of goods involved. It could be a tipper, pick-up, transit van or a crew cab which you may have to insure for compliance and risk mitigation purposes.


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Operating in the modern business environment can be challenging owing to the uncertainties involved. Unless your van exceeds 3.5 tons, we are here to make sure that your logistics meets the ultimate value to your business, and does not cause late deliveries to the market. Our professionals strive to provide a comparative platform where you can evaluate an array of cheap insurance policies. As f not enough, they offer additional covers such as the local and international breakdown cover which ensures timely evacuation in the event on an incident.

Types of van insurance

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When it is time to renew or register for a van insurance policy, you need to evaluate the available options. Different policies serve different purposes and provide varying levels of coverage in the event of an incident. It is therefore vital for the van owners to consider the size of the van, drivers experience, and history, unique risks associated with the vehicle before taking any of the following insurance policies:

The fird party only

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In most parts of the world, the cover is often the minimum legal requirement for all vehicles. Usually the most affordable for most users, the policy protects damages and injuries caused to others during accidents. does not contain cover for repairs and replacements, or medical expenses of the driver. In case of fire, theft or total damage, you are responsible for the loss.

A third party, theft and fire

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The cover is a derivative of the primary third party policy with an additional protection towards fire and theft losses.
former, it provides cover for damages incurred during fires, and theft.


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Often the most inclusive policy available, it provides cover for damages to othes property, injuries caused by others as well as damages and injuries caused to self and the vehicle. In the event of an accident, the insurer compensates for the costs of repairing the van, medical expenses. They also provide compensation in cases where the cost of repair exceeds the value of replacement.

Need something else?

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Often the most inclusive policy available, it provides cover for damages to others property, injuries caused by others as well as damages and injuries caused to self and the

Getting the insurance quote

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When it comes to insurance quotes, there is no limit into what you can compare as long as the vehicle does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. Important to note is that most of the policies provide a cover on ‘as is basis’ hence the need to disclose all modifications to get the actual quote for you. Failure to disclose some details is likely to limit the level of compensation or render the cover invalid.

The information required

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Before getting an insurance quote, you will need to provide information:

On the model, make and any details of modifications to the car.

You may also need to give the current or the last insurance documents to know if the company has made any updates to the previous policy.

Be sure to provide details of the past convictions such as speeding fines.

Factors influencing the cost of van insurance

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While you could be looking for the best cover in the market, you cannot wish away the costs associated with the policies. You probably want to save on the premiums without compromising your coverage, hence the need to check what the market provides. Other than the type of the policy, the following factors are likely to influence the costs:

  • Driving license Number:

    if you can provide the driving license number, some companies lower the premium. It provides the most recent information and shows your experience, driving history and compliance.
  • Locks and immobilizers:

    as a fundamental principle, most insurers provide discounts for vehicles with added security systems and immobilizers. Nonetheless, your system has to meet the industry standards to enjoy the benefits that come with it.
  • Voluntary excess:

    before you can get any claims, you will have to part with a substantial amount of money in the form of extras. The money is paid upfront in case of claims and the higher the amount, the more likely you will lower the premium.

Additional covers

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Often considered optional, van owners find it useful to increase the car coverage using extras. They could form the basis for comparison if they are necessary to meet specific needs of the users. For the peace of mind, you may opt to evaluate the following extras:

Legal cover

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The policy might be necessary at it provide covers for legal costs emanating from accidents that were not your fault. It covers both the driver and the occupants of the vans.

Breakdown cover

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While it might not be a legal requirement, it might be the single component to get you back on the road on time. You do not want to still your business just because your car got an accident while you can tow the vehicle to safety and reload the goods to another, awaiting repairs. Also, you could be on the lookout for public liability, tools and employer liability insurance policies.

As an expert insurance agency, we provide a comprehensive comparison of the best UK’s trusted insurance companies, to give van owners the best there is in the market. We analyze and present policies based on the price, level of cover, extras and the payments terms, which often forms the basis for decision making.


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